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Best Breeds
We provide beautiful categories of monkeys

Best Monkey breeds

Enjoy the Luxury of having a class of Apes in your home

We have been helping monkey lovers throughout USA, Canada & Europe to find their perfect babies for several years. We are partnered exclusively with some of the best international show breeders in the world, specializing in the tiniest, cutest and most precious monkeys with special temperaments. They’re perfect house pets for any home, including those with small children and other pets. Prepare your home trees because they love climbing.

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Ben Rafel

CEO & Founder of Best monkey breeds

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We Provide Fast, Reliable delivery service for our pets when you place an order. Health care services for these pretty pets is top notch.

Adopt a Capuchin, Chimpanzee and Finger Marmoset

Our babies are available after 9 weeks, sometimes 12 weeks. It depends on their sizes. before departure, the are identified, by chip, starting with 250 and vaccinated, and also dewormed several times. They all have birth certificate registered.

Capuchin Monkey

capuchin monkey for adoption The most famous monkeys in the world. Cute, healthy Marmoset and capuchin monkeys for adoption


We, along with other accredited, true sanctuaries, provide a home for these chimpanzees and allow their individual personalities to shine. Our sole mission is to care for them. Learn more about the chimpanzees, the sanctuary, and our philosophy and how you can adopt one.

Finger Marmoset

The greatness of a nation can be judged on how it treats its animals”. To take care of something that cannot take care of you, is true love.


Health Guarantee

Our monkeys come with 1 year health guarantee, They are always kept clean and in very conducive environment


Very Loyal

Our capuchin, chimpanzee and finger marmoset monkeys are very loyal and adorable friends, they love playing with humans and love eating almost every human dishes.



These monkeys are very good in acting in every scenario being it in a movie or just entertainment purposes. They interact well with one another and and with humans well.


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